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Web Design and SEO business

Is your web design and SEO business interactive enough? Are you getting in touch with clients and keeping them updated?


In any digital media business, clients are very important as their referrals can you bring you a lot more business that traditional marketing methods. So how should you interact with your clients?


And when I say interact I mean – how do they remember you the next time their friends asks for a web designer or SEO consultant in your city?


Here are a few simple steps –


1. Always keep them update when the project Is on-going. This can be done on a weekly basis.


2. Upon completion, wind off the project in a professional manner with a complete email, contact information in case issues arise etc.


3. Get in touch with your client 30-45 days after SEO/ Website completion to check on how they are doing and if everything is working smoothly.


4. Invite them to join your monthly newsletter. Don’t spam them – just send them some relevant internet marketing information once a month.


5. Check with them again in one years time to see if they need any other service from you.


The above 5 steps are really the key to getting more business from existing client base – this includes both direct business and referral clients.


This is how a Calgary Web Design and SEO Company – Pulse Wave Media has grown to over 10 clients in a matter of 3 months of existence. Our own local web designer and SEO consultant – Naman Verma – (here is the link to their Search Engine Optimization in Calgary page) contributed this article.

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Pets & Pet Lovers

Pet and Training


We all love our pets, don’t we? One of the learning curves in getting a young puppy at home is actually training the dog in several ways –

This training begins the minute you bring your furball home. Few points to note –


1. One of the most important lessons in training your dog is proper socialization. Your pup needs to be socialized with other people, neighbours, other animals and dogs as soon as they complete their course of vaccination. This results in pet that has no behaviour issues.


2. Housebreaking – This is a nightmare to some and is too long a topic to dive into in this article, however read up online or consult a dog trainer to avoid any accidents.


3. On and Off Leash training – Pet accessories such as leash and collar are a must for young dogs…as they get old and completely trained, they remain well behaved and in control of the owner even without the leash.


4. Gifts for pets – Treat them with yummy food treats and gifts for their playroom to keep them motivated after training.


These simple steps will go a long way to help you settle down with your new pet.

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